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Tucumcari Train Depot Drone Shot. Credit Robert F. Hockday
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Film Friendly,
Film Tucumcari


The mission of Film Tucumcari is to attract, serve, and foster media production, such as motion pictures, television, commercials, music, still photography, and all other forms of media creation, in addition to promoting and serving Tucumcari and Quay County area, as well as its people, locations, products, services, businesses, and other assets therein.

Tucumcari Mountain featured through a barb wired fence - photo credit Connie Loveland.

Our Initiatives

We strive towards our mission through the following initiatives:

Tucumcari Downtown Mainstreet District
Tucumcari Film Festival workshop on SFX makeup, Jasmine Hernandez center with volunteers,

Local Locations

Discover Tucumcari: A Captivating Canvas for Filmmakers
Immerse yourself in the enchanting landscapes and vibrant charm of Tucumcari, where the rich cultural tapestry of New Mexico comes alive. From sun-kissed deserts to rugged mesas, and from quaint historic streets to iconic Route 66 landmarks, this hidden gem offers a diverse range of film locations waiting to be explored. Capture the essence of the Southwest with its breathtaking vistas, picturesque small-town atmosphere, and unique architectural treasures. With Tucumcari's warm hospitality and seamless access to local resources, it's the perfect backdrop for your next cinematic masterpiece. Unearth the cinematic potential of Tucumcari, where every frame tells a captivating story.

Fostering Local Talent: Unleash Your Creative Spirit with Film Tucumcari

Film Tucumcari isn't just about showcasing the beauty of our town on the silver screen; it's about nurturing a thriving community of filmmakers, creators, and media enthusiasts. With initiatives like the Tucumcari Film Festival, we provide a platform for local talent to shine, celebrating their unique stories and creative vision. Our dedication extends beyond the festival as we offer educational programs, sharing valuable insights on film and media techniques, empowering aspiring artists to hone their skills and unlock their potential.

Production Resources

At Film Tucumcari, we're constantly evolving and expanding our resources to serve filmmakers like you. While we continue to develop our network, we're already a valuable destination for forging crucial connections within the local film industry. Think of us as your trusted guide and collaborator as you embark on your next project in Tucumcari. We'll connect you with skilled professionals, enthusiastic actors, and reliable equipment rentals to help bring your creative vision to life. Our dedicated team is passionate about fostering a thriving filmmaking community, and we're always seeking new opportunities to enhance our offerings. Embrace the energy of a place that's growing alongside your dreams. Film Tucumcari—where innovation and connections unite for unforgettable cinematic journeys

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404 West Route 66

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